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Protect your furniture and floors from the sun.

By hermantextilew6262, Apr 25 2017 07:28PM

We are all aware that the sun can damage our skin and cause premature aging. But did you know the same thing can happen to furniture that is exposed to the sun? Very few people realize that the sun's rays can damage most materials and surfaces including wood. The radiation in sunlight can drain out the colors from a sofa or chair. The sun rays are the main contributor to fade damage within a house caused to flooring, carpets, curtains and furniture. In fact, just about anything can be damaged when exposed to sun for too long.

So how do we protect our furniture from being damaged by the sun? First think about where your furniture is placed within the house. Furniture next to windows or placed in sunny spots throughout the house are mostly likely to be the furniture that gets damaged and loses its original color the most. Because they are directly in the path of the sun harmful rays. To help prevent this damage there are a few things that can be carried out.

Simply move the furniture so that it is no longer in the sunlight and thus you will prolong the life you furniture. Observe how the sun shines into your home and then move furniture so that it does not fall directly with the sun rays. However, you may like your furniture where it is or it simply can't be moved. In this consider window treatments that block the sun harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. The window treatments will prevent the harmful UV rays from hitting the furniture and fading it.

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